I was born in a well-educated family. My father is a professor at university. My sister and I, both have master degree. My mother is retired but she is a hard studier. I love my family and I am proud to be raised in such a lovely family. 
I love literature. I have read the greatest novels of all time. Unfortunately, these days I read less. I hope I could find more time for reading. I am also in love with photography. I am an award-winner photographer. Yea! Perhaps it looks strange. But I have a keen eye for composition and I am good at photography. 
I am very sociable. I love hanging out and chatting with people. I am very passionate about what I am doing. It doesn't matter if it is real estate or photography. I have to be on top. Yes! I am ambitious. I have goals in my life and I do my best to achieve these goals. 
I can say that I am well-travelled. I have visited a lot of countries in Europe and Asia such as Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, India, Turkey, UAE, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc. This city, I mean Vancouver, is beautiful. Friendly people, nice weather, clean and safe, gorgeous scenery and of course beautiful houses. I am in love with this city and a proud Vancouverite.